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What Would You Do If You Could Cash In Your Ideas For One Million $Dollars?

Monday, February 25th, 2008

I got to thinking about this after having read an article in this past weekend’s Parade Magazine ( The article was titled What I Did With My First Million by Cindy Adams. It dealt with a group of celebrities and what they did with their 1st million dollars. All of them seemed to go out and buy something a little extravagant (except maybe Matt Lauer who was concerned about ‘job security’)**, but within their new means.

** Can you relate with this?

Go to as Matt is not alone.

The article really got me thinking about what I would do with a major jump in my annual income.

Hey, we’re talking a Million $Dollars. That’s 7 figures.     $1,000,000.

In my case, the absolute first major thing that I would do (after taking my wife out on a much deserved, long overdue vacation trip) would be to “pay off most of my credit card debts”. I would do this as most credit card debt (or other revolving debt) is the Biggest Drain on most Everyone’s Pocketbook and daily livelihood.

Getting rid of this money dump is a direct pay increase to you. Paying off the debt will free up your mind, free up your emotion well-being, and will change your entire perspective of life.    Just think about it for a moment!

If you did not have any income draining debts, how much money would you have to do the things you have always dreamed about?

Would it be $1,000/month?, Maybe $3,000?, or maybe $4,000 per month? (Wow! $4,000 per month— That’s $48,000 per year.)    Wouldn’t it be great to have this kind of additional income coming into your household?

Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt is the first thing most of us should do with new income!

You’re probably saying, “Oh, this sounds great, but how do you get the money to pay off the debts?”
I think the best way is to use your ideas, skills, experiences and knowledge to create a supplemental income. Yes, that includes YOU!

Go find out for yourself at

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Go now and Get Rid of Credit Card Debt!

To Your Success and Your First $Million!

Frank Kilgore

What Would You Do With a $Million bucks?   Feel free to comment.  The comment link is below.

Your Ideas With Internet Marketing Makes You An Expert

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Actually “everyone is an expert at something”.

Think about it…, because This Includes You!
If your ready and know the secret of your ideas you can cash in with internet marketing.

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Frank Kilgore

Bob Jenkins’ Inner Circle of Internet Marketing is Filling Up Fast

Friday, February 1st, 2008

For those folks struggling with internet marketing, but are determined to make it work, then you need to mastermind with Bob Jenkins.

You’ll quickly learn that Bob is the real deal when it comes to internet marketing and coaching.  It may be because of his former teaching career…or may be it is because he never gives up; or both.

Regardless, with Bob, you will learn first hand what to do to be successful in internet marketing, and you will learn how fast.

You’ll find Bob’s coaching style cuts to the chase showing you exactly what you need to do.  He doesn’t care whether you have a product or not because he believes that you are your own best product.

He walks his teachings by helping his inner circle do what he has done; and more importantly, what he is doing.  With Bob, if you just follow his lead, you will find your internet business growing like wildfire.

Some might think Bob Jenkins, “BobTheTeacher”, is superman as a coach and mentor, but he is only human and as normal as you or I. He can only do so much and he can only work with just so many.  I stress this ..because Bob’s Inner Circle coaching and mentoring program will soon close to additional clients.

Therefore, if you have been struggling, but remain motivated and determined to make your internet marketing business successful, then go sign up with Bob and his Inner Circle.  It’s just that simple!

Do You Want To Turn Your Ideas Into a Profitable Business That Grows Like Wildfire?

Bob’s Jenkins’ Inner Circle:

Frank Kilgore