Are You Ready For 2008?

Have You Taken Time To Set Your Goals And Plans for the New Year?

I would hope that you have, but if you haven’t, this first week is a good time to take care of that important need.

First thing- Get Rid Of Clutter!
(Anything piled up or just sitting around that is in your line of sight is one of the most distracting energy drains you can have).  Get rid of the crap now! …as if your life depended on it.

With your work area and living area and more importantly “your mind cleared” of clutter you can now proceed to your second critical need…

Second thing- Set Your Goals!

One good way to do this is to reflect back on 2007 and list out the goods, and the not so goods for the year.  From that, based on whatever your lifelong goal happens to be, (you do have a lifelong goal don’t you?) write out a listing of your 2008 goals.  Ensure that they are realistic (can be accomplished in 12 months), but challenging.

Now, that you have your list of realistic, but challenging goals, prioritize them from highest to those of lesser importance (you know, the ones you would like to accomplish, but are not critical to your lifelong goal or vision).

Having prioritized your list, pick your #1 Must Accomplish Goal as related to your lifelong goal or vision.  That it!  Your goal-setting is complete.

  Should you have any other goals, add only two (2) additional goals max. (i.e. 3 goals is the absolutely max. for anyone who really expects to succeed.) [If you have issues with 3 max. then delegate those other goals and let someone else accomplish them for you…or just forget about them until and only after you have completed your Must Accomplish Goal(s).]

Third thing- Backward Plan Your Action Steps Into A Workable Plan!  In other words, develop your milestones that will allow you to stepwise reach and accomplish your goal.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to start with your goal(s) and work backwards.  Determine what would be the next to last step you need to accomplish to achieve the next step, and continue to do this again and again until you reach now.

Once you have done this…. you have your plan.

Last thing- Take Action On Your Plan!

            Do it! and Do it! and continue to Do It! ..until you have done it.


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Incidentally, What is your biggest personal or business goal for 2008?

To Your Success,

Frank Kilgore

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