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424 Perkins Landing Cove- Lake Living Bliss

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Lake Living Bliss in the Morning

A Restful and Peaceful Place to Live

Living on a lake offers so many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to look out over the lake and just smile at God’s creation.
And, the real benefit besides the landscape is the neighborhood and our neighbors.

No where can you find a greater group of neighbors who are always willing to help and have fun together.

Perkins Landing Cove and the greater Perkins Landing Gated Community offer so many benefits.
Lake Living Bliss in the Morning

Great Ideas for Fun: Fun Trips For You and QuestTravelNetwork

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Fun Trips For You will be a new website dedicated to those wonderful folks who enjoy travel and want to experience travel first hand. You know, the folks who want to experience and see:
–The howler monkeys or the white face monkeys in their natural habitat.
–Or who want to experience and see hundreds of colorful hummingbirds gathering nectar from exotic plants.
–Or who want to float down a river where eagles nest atop the bank side trees and where the Jesus Christ lizards “walk on water” to cross the water from one point to the next.
–Or go up a trail and discover an operating gold mine.
–Or retreat to the beach to snorkel and see all the colorful fish
–Or just sit back and take in all the wonderful things God has provided us
And enjoy and share those with the folks we love.

Fun Trips For You will be dedicated to providing you excerpts of my own personal travel experiences* and similar travel experiences of others. Fun Trips For You will also provide information that will allow you to realize those travel experiences personally with your loved one(s) through the Quest Travel Network.
* See the first paragraph bullets

Again, Fun Trips For You will be dedicated to wonderful folks who enjoy travel and want to experience the rewards of travel and the memories associated with them.

Would you like to enjoy Fun Trips For You?

Can’t wait? How about a wonderful Fun Trip now?

Additional dedicated travel websites coming soon:
Fun Trips For Boomers
Fun Trips For Business

Use Your Ideas To Pay Your $175,000 Tax Burden…And Get A Life!

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Think about it!   I know I certainly did when I read the following in the Birmingham News this morning:

“Taxes Expected To Rise with National Debt, Aging”

– If you’re grumbling about the size of your tax bill this year, brace yourself.  Many financial advisers predict that tax rates are going to rise to cover the escalating. burden of an aging population and the federal debt. By KATHERINE REYNOLDS LEWIS Newhouse News Service WASHINGTON

This was the headline and the article’s lead-in first paragraph.  Obviously, it is an attention getter.   Some additional eye-openers in Ms. Lewis’ article include:

Each American’s share of the federal government’s unfunded obligations amounts to $175,000 – comparable to a home mortgage with no collateral, said Stuart Butler, a vice president at the Heritage Foundation.”

“To cover the gap between expected revenue and the cost of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits through 2Q50, income tax rates would have to almost double, according to a July 2007 analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.”

“Of course, the government probably would reduce promised benefits and increase payroll taxes rather than solely boosting the income tax. Still, it seems likely many Americans eventually will refer to the current income tax structure as “the good old days.” And who exactly:   would pay higher taxes?”

Ms. Lewis later suggested a partial solution…

“Take a long-term approach and save aggressively.”   She clarified that by referencing…

“People need to set aside as much as they can,”  said Tom Papanikolaou, chief operating officer of Pension Builders and Consultants in Cleveland.

Yes, taking a long-term approach and saving aggressively makes sense.   The issue is that most of us don’t have extra funds to set aside to pay our normal daily expenses, much less, pay a burdening tax bill.  Duhhh….

So, now what?  To me, the answer is as simple as going to your nearest mirror and looking into it.   There you see the answer…it’s YOU.   You are the answer to taking a long-term approach and saving aggressively.  The mirror shows you the solution each and every day!

Of course, the mirror cannot hand over financial well-being,  however,  it does show you where to find the solution.  The solution is between your ears!  It is your skills, your experience(s), your hobbies, your knowledge, your ideas that you possess.   All you need to do is to share those possessions with others and your financial concerns will end,  ..and a new future will begin.

Take control of YOU! has a free report that you might find useful to begin learning how you can take control.

Frank Kilgore

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