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Cashing In Ideas to Make Money- Trade Stock Options

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Having looked at a number of ideas for making money, the one that I have found that works over and over again is to trade stock options.  Even in the crazy market where most stocks, and the like, have tanked to values less than the asset value of the individual companies, money can and is made each and every day.

The key requires some training (not too difficult really) and the ability to look at a picture and see that history repeats itself over and over again.  You just need to know where the market, or individual stock is priced, and be prepared for it to find a common home (price point(s) that the mega market makers like trading the stock) and then just trading with the flow to the respective price point(s).  The significant price points are called Support and Resistance in the trading community.

These Support and Resistance price points / price areas are like the rungs on a ladder.   You climb the ladder or you step down the ladder.  This is certainly an over-simplification; however, understanding this can result in you achieving immense financial rewards.

Can You Visualize the Steps of a Ladder?  If you can, You Can Be Successful in the stock market.