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424 Perkins Landing Cove- New Price and Incentives

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Yes, 424 Perkins Landing Cove, Columbiana, AL on Lay Lake has updated its pricing and added some outstanding incentives for prospective buyers.

Enough Said:  Go to and check it out.

Ideas and concepts that work.

424 Perkins Landing Cove- Lake Living Bliss

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Lake Living Bliss in the Morning

A Restful and Peaceful Place to Live

Living on a lake offers so many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to look out over the lake and just smile at God’s creation.
And, the real benefit besides the landscape is the neighborhood and our neighbors.

No where can you find a greater group of neighbors who are always willing to help and have fun together.

Perkins Landing Cove and the greater Perkins Landing Gated Community offer so many benefits.
Lake Living Bliss in the Morning

Great Ideas for Fun: Fun Trips For You and QuestTravelNetwork

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Fun Trips For You will be a new website dedicated to those wonderful folks who enjoy travel and want to experience travel first hand. You know, the folks who want to experience and see:
–The howler monkeys or the white face monkeys in their natural habitat.
–Or who want to experience and see hundreds of colorful hummingbirds gathering nectar from exotic plants.
–Or who want to float down a river where eagles nest atop the bank side trees and where the Jesus Christ lizards “walk on water” to cross the water from one point to the next.
–Or go up a trail and discover an operating gold mine.
–Or retreat to the beach to snorkel and see all the colorful fish
–Or just sit back and take in all the wonderful things God has provided us
And enjoy and share those with the folks we love.

Fun Trips For You will be dedicated to providing you excerpts of my own personal travel experiences* and similar travel experiences of others. Fun Trips For You will also provide information that will allow you to realize those travel experiences personally with your loved one(s) through the Quest Travel Network.
* See the first paragraph bullets

Again, Fun Trips For You will be dedicated to wonderful folks who enjoy travel and want to experience the rewards of travel and the memories associated with them.

Would you like to enjoy Fun Trips For You?

Can’t wait? How about a wonderful Fun Trip now?

Additional dedicated travel websites coming soon:
Fun Trips For Boomers
Fun Trips For Business