Does All the Internet Marketing Experts Want to Help You Build Your Business?

It certainly seems that they do. Especially with all the launches currently taking place.

There are so many internet marketing gurus trying to help you get a business started with their help, it is overwhelming. For most of us it is extremely confusing just trying to decide which one to use.

Do you use?…

1. Nitro Marketing’s “Nitro Blueprint” system, or

2. Armand Morin’s “Internet Marketing Explained” system, or

3. Russell Brunson’s “DotCom Secrets” system, or

4. Tellman Knudson’s “List Building Club“, or

5. Other Internet Marketing Gurus’ systems from
(i.e. Shawn Casey, Joshua Shafran, Marlon Sanders, Mark Joyner, and more)

or maybe some of the newer up-and-coming, but lesser known super stars…
for example:

6. Bob Jenkin’s “Success Workshop“, or

7. Sterling Valentine’s “‘PowerMonth‘ and more”,

8. or ???

The decision is tough because each of these (and many others that I have not mentioned) are first rate. To succeed, all that is required is to follow their guidance and do what they instruct you to do.


OK, I know you want to ask what I would do; right?

f I were asked to make a suggestion based on my personal experience about starting an online business, I would suggest combining one of the programs from the first group (1-5) and include one of the highly interactive programs from the later group (6-7).

This combination would save you time and money to begin with and…the combination would allow you to learn the necessary components of an online business while having a sounding board and peer group to answer questions you have while keeping you motivated and focused.

Which of the above systems/programs, or other, are you using to take your ideas to the internet?

To Your Success,

Frank Kilgore

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