How Do You Trade Products and Ideas For Dollars?

January 19th, 2008

It’s really quite simple. You find a system that does it for you.

Or …you find one that makes it so easy that you can do it yourself. The system I am discussing here is one that allows you to be able to develop your ideas: When you want to.. Where you want to…and pretty much How you want to at a pace that works for you.

I will say again that being able to develop your products and ideas into dollars is quite simple. It is not like love-making, even though,  many would think it pretty darn close in a relative sense;  you will love how easy it is to do.  I know this to be true as Marlon Sanders has put this system together for you.

If you know Marlon then you know being able to trade your products, services, or your ideas into dollars is for real.   If you haven’t had the benefit of knowing Marlon,  then you have an opportunity to do so in just a minute or two by visiting with him where  it’s ever so easy to do do.   Really,  its so easy that if the proverbial caveman was real and existed today,  he could turn his ideas into dollars.

Find out how easy it really is to turn your products,  services and ideas into cash money with Marlon’s Info Products Dashboard.   Its ever so easy!

To your ideas becoming your future.

Frank Kilgore

Does All the Internet Marketing Experts Want to Help You Build Your Business?

January 12th, 2008

It certainly seems that they do. Especially with all the launches currently taking place.

There are so many internet marketing gurus trying to help you get a business started with their help, it is overwhelming. For most of us it is extremely confusing just trying to decide which one to use.

Do you use?…

1. Nitro Marketing’s “Nitro Blueprint” system, or

2. Armand Morin’s “Internet Marketing Explained” system, or

3. Russell Brunson’s “DotCom Secrets” system, or

4. Tellman Knudson’s “List Building Club“, or

5. Other Internet Marketing Gurus’ systems from
(i.e. Shawn Casey, Joshua Shafran, Marlon Sanders, Mark Joyner, and more)

or maybe some of the newer up-and-coming, but lesser known super stars…
for example:

6. Bob Jenkin’s “Success Workshop“, or

7. Sterling Valentine’s “‘PowerMonth‘ and more”,

8. or ???

The decision is tough because each of these (and many others that I have not mentioned) are first rate. To succeed, all that is required is to follow their guidance and do what they instruct you to do.


OK, I know you want to ask what I would do; right?

f I were asked to make a suggestion based on my personal experience about starting an online business, I would suggest combining one of the programs from the first group (1-5) and include one of the highly interactive programs from the later group (6-7).

This combination would save you time and money to begin with and…the combination would allow you to learn the necessary components of an online business while having a sounding board and peer group to answer questions you have while keeping you motivated and focused.

Which of the above systems/programs, or other, are you using to take your ideas to the internet?

To Your Success,

Frank Kilgore

Promotion and Branding To Get Your Name Out There

January 5th, 2008

They Are The Initial Keys To Business Marketing And Winning

In today’s fast-paced, get-it-now and can’t wait society, we must be ahead and stay ahead of our competition to have a reasonable chance to market our goods and services. It’s analogous to the old saying, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm”.

No matter how good your product or service might be, if you don’t promote your product and let people know about it ….well, the only thing you have is a great product or service doing nothing for no one. And of course you know who the real loser is in a scenario like this.

So, if you know who your market is and where it is located you must let your market know “who you are”, “what you provide”, and “what you can do for them”. Your business, or any business, the number one function of your business is marketing, marketing, and marketing.

If marketing has to be the number one function of your business, then…

How do you get out in the middle of your crowd so that they run all over you?

Please comment with your answer.

To Your Success,

Frank Kilgore

Are You Ready For 2008?

January 2nd, 2008

Have You Taken Time To Set Your Goals And Plans for the New Year?

I would hope that you have, but if you haven’t, this first week is a good time to take care of that important need.

First thing- Get Rid Of Clutter!
(Anything piled up or just sitting around that is in your line of sight is one of the most distracting energy drains you can have).  Get rid of the crap now! …as if your life depended on it.

With your work area and living area and more importantly “your mind cleared” of clutter you can now proceed to your second critical need…

Second thing- Set Your Goals!

One good way to do this is to reflect back on 2007 and list out the goods, and the not so goods for the year.  From that, based on whatever your lifelong goal happens to be, (you do have a lifelong goal don’t you?) write out a listing of your 2008 goals.  Ensure that they are realistic (can be accomplished in 12 months), but challenging.

Now, that you have your list of realistic, but challenging goals, prioritize them from highest to those of lesser importance (you know, the ones you would like to accomplish, but are not critical to your lifelong goal or vision).

Having prioritized your list, pick your #1 Must Accomplish Goal as related to your lifelong goal or vision.  That it!  Your goal-setting is complete.

  Should you have any other goals, add only two (2) additional goals max. (i.e. 3 goals is the absolutely max. for anyone who really expects to succeed.) [If you have issues with 3 max. then delegate those other goals and let someone else accomplish them for you…or just forget about them until and only after you have completed your Must Accomplish Goal(s).]

Third thing- Backward Plan Your Action Steps Into A Workable Plan!  In other words, develop your milestones that will allow you to stepwise reach and accomplish your goal.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to start with your goal(s) and work backwards.  Determine what would be the next to last step you need to accomplish to achieve the next step, and continue to do this again and again until you reach now.

Once you have done this…. you have your plan.

Last thing- Take Action On Your Plan!

            Do it! and Do it! and continue to Do It! ..until you have done it.


Need a little additional help?  Check out these resources.


Jay Abraham

Retire To Easy Street

Think TQ 

Incidentally, What is your biggest personal or business goal for 2008?

To Your Success,

Frank Kilgore

Emotional Cash: The Holidays are for Family and Friends

December 27th, 2007

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been enjoying the holidays with my family.  Our daughter returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina and our son arrived from San Diego, Ca. The time together has been great, but way too short.

For those of you reading this post, I hope you have enjoyed and are continuing to enjoy the holidays and the spirit of this time of year.  As you probably know, this time of year is also a great time for reflections and for expectations and an opportunity to combine those to set our sights on the coming year…and future!

With that know that I have some very special things in store for my guests in the coming days at

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I’ll see you soon with some outstanding ways to turn your ideas into cash results over and over again.

Frank Kilgore

Think like an Entrepreneur…

December 16th, 2007

Adopt an ‘Abundance Mentality’!

So many folks have so much knowledge and so much experience that they can call upon those ‘resources’ to build and grow a business and a full-time income. All that is needed is to take those accumulated learnings and skills (be it a technical skill, a professional specialty, or just a keen interest in a hobby, craft, or sport) and let others know what you know.

The key is to take action that will cause others to seek you out,  to find out what you know. With those thoughts, I have been sporting ideas recently pointing you to an outstanding resource that will allow you to take your ‘abundance mentality’ and turn it into an income stream or even a real business that you will love. If you have followed along you know that I am talking about the NitroBlueprint system. It works! I cannot say much more…

1) it was 29 months in the making so you don’t have to debug the process and waste your time or money

2) it allows you to follow a simple “fill in the box” / step by step method …that..well, “a caveman could do it”

3) all you do is follow the Nitro Blueprint system poster–the one you put on your wall that you can look at anytime

4) you have additional resources that you can call on anytime should you have a question..Just a simple ‘click’

5) you are supported by a company that has been paid as much as $250,000 for assistance by businesses wanting to expand

6) if you are (forgive me) lazy or don’t have time to do something, you have a “resource directory” of folks who can do it for you

7) you have a ‘member discussion forum’ where you can share ideas, find partners and affiliates, and a whole lot more….

If you have ever thought about what you know and how valuable it could be to others…capitalize on your knowledge!

Be an Entrepreneur.  Start or grow a business you love.  Nitro Blueprint system.  It’s a bargain.

To your success!

Frank Kilgore

Nitro Blueprint System Live Friday, Dec 7, 2007 10am EST

December 7th, 2007

All the free videos and the week long learning is coming down.  You see ….the Nitro Blueprint System is going live and will be launched tomorrow, Friday, Dec 7, 10 am EST.  That’s just a little over 14 hours from now (my posting this message on this blog at 6:50pm CST).

Get on board with the launch and the detailed information complete by going to Nitro Blueprint.

Again, go to Nitro Blueprint and have your business grow exponentially.

To your success,

Frank Kilgore

** Cash In Now! **

December 5th, 2007

 29 Months in the Making: Nitro Blueprint System

It really is possible that you can make real life changing income through internet marketing …and you don’t have to do a lot to make it happen.  Especially if you have a niche, a strong desire, and a great work ethic and are willing to follow a proven system. 

I have watched all the pre-launch videos of the Nitro Blueprint System and I find that I learned as much watching them for nothing as I have in programs I have spent hundreds of dollars.  The videos walk you through the Nitro Blueprint System from A to Z without you even realizing that the Nitro Blueprint system is in action and being applied as you watch.  You learn how user friendly the system truly is by just watching the videos.

Bottom line…the Nitro Blueprint system is what so many entrepreneurs or full-fledged businesses need.. to truly ignite or reignite their business.  It’s obvious that the Nitro Marketing folks are there to provide you help and assistance.  So if you are struggling, or confused, or desperately wanting a solution to your marketing activities, or want to start a business for real…You have it now!

Note:  The complete Nitro Blueprint System will be unveiled and launched this Friday, December 7 at 10:00am EST.  Go see the videos now and be prepared for the launch.

To your success!

Frank Kilgore

A 10-Step Business System Video to Love

December 1st, 2007

“The 10-Step Nitro Blueprint Revealed”

This video blows the lid off of what you probably think you know about what an Internet business looks like.  First,  the exact 10 steps in the Nitro Blueprint System are spelled out ….and then the Empty Box Principle is explained.  Later you’ll learn about a cable guy who began with no internet experience and was making over $25K per month in a mere 6 weeks following the system.  I cannot say enough about this program.   Go watch the video  now.  Follow any of the links.

Be sure and write down all of 10 steps in the Nitro Blueprint System when you watch this video as it might be pulled down or something.

To your success, 

Frank Kilgore

Internet Marketing Just for YOU

November 29th, 2007


This site has just been established to help you achieve your goals in internet marketing.

Updates and new posts will be made outlining proven strategies and methods to ensure your internet marketing success. And to that point, go and secure your special report, “The Internet Marketing Dirty Laundry Report”.

Type in your name and email in the box space in the upper right = =>

In a couple of minutes or so you’ll be able to download the report and “learn the truth”. Go ahead…You deserve to “Let the truth guide you to internet marketing success!”

Frank Kilgore